Life is sooooooooooooo busy as a working momma of THREE kids... but, life is also full of so many "little" things...you know, those simple pleasures that really bring so much joy... I'm mostly thinking of the dopey things that my kids say and do that make me laugh... but also the little adventures we have or the day trips that we do... you think you will remember them all, but those memories really do fade over time. I am hoping to sit down once a month (ideally, once a week, but being that I hardly manage one decent shower a week, we'll aim for once a month for now! LOL) to detail those quotable quotes or beautiful little actions (or those not so much) as well as our family activities. I hope you enjoy!! :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Back to School Musings of a Mommy

Miss Jaffee and Patrick build a time
machine for their classroom! :)
I was truly anxiety ridden as this year's first day of school approached.  I was not the least bit worried about Patrick--his big transition to a new school (MY school, turned OUR school) was last year, so he had a year under his belt and felt incredibly comfortable heading into this year.  And, although he was worried, Miss Jaffee, his teacher for this year, became a QUICK part of our lives and that certainly helped make him more comfortable.

Watch out world!
How did my bean get so big?!?
My big anxiety was for my #2: Ryan.  While I know that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE takes to him QUICKLY not only because he is just plain FREAKING hilarious (I know I'm biased, but, seriously, strangers on the street are often left in stitches when he's around--mostly because he thinks out loud and that kid perspective is truly unlike any other!), but also because he really is in tune with and sensitive to the feelings of others, it is that sensitivity that makes me feel like I have to bubble wrap him before I send him off into this cold, cruel world (Wow! That sentence is like a paragraph long!).  Worrying about MY worries is one thing, but knowing full well that Ryan himself is totally timid about starting a new school (too bad we don't have Kindergarten at my school!) ratches it up a bit!  He had been expressing anxiety (even crying!) since July!!  Luckily, his school hosts an orientation program for the Kindergarten students-- the program made us BOTH feel better!  First, on our way in, I ran into a parent of a former student of mine who I knew worked at the school.  She took me right over to Ryan's teacher to introduce me, personally.  I like to have that personal connection (with less than 6 degrees of separation) with my kids' teachers... I had it with Patrick's Kindergarten teacher (at a different school, no less) since her classroom aide was also a parent of one of my former students... I guess that's what happens when you've been teaching in the same county for over a decade!  And, then, I IMMEDIATELY liked the vibe of his teacher during the whole group orientation.  She seemed like the perfect fit for Ryan and my instinct was right!  During the time where the kids leave the parents (sniff, sniff... I was good, though... didn't want my tears to become his tears), Ryan TOTALLY connected with her!  I don't know what she did because it was SUCH a short time, but when I went to pick him up, he not only HUGGED her, but he also BOUNCED out of the school DYING to come back for the first day--a TRUE relief for me to know that on the first day, I'd just be dealing with my own mommy-nostalgia and not having to worry about my little man because he was confident that he would be okay!
So grown up!

We really saw such a HUGE difference in Ryan's confidence in the first couple of weeks of school.  Not only was he a "big boy" now, just like Patrick because he started school, but he also started soccer and religious ed for the first time, too.  I don't think his feet touched the ground for a good two weeks!  Of course, now a month in, he is realizing how EXHAUSTING it is to go to school all day and balance a couple of extra-curricular activities, but he has already learned sooooooooo much and it is truly exciting to see (I have to channel that inner-teacher in me sometimes so that I don't PUSH them when they aren't interested)!!

The Year of the Birds
Patrick has adjusted well, too!  A bit of irony, he went right on to class the first day all confident and eager, but by the time he got there, he wound up in tears--I think since he is so comfortable at our school, he forgot to recognize he was nervous!  But, Miss Jaffee and his BFF Joshua, made things just right again quite quickly!  And while September was a bit of an after school nightmare for him (we swear that he is the type of kid that was built for year-round school--the transition is TOUGH for him!), October is here and the routine is established and all is right with the world (although if I am not standing in just the right place when the bus drops him off in the afternoon, he is still panicked, the big dope!)!

Playdate with Nathan
Bon Voyage R & P!
And that little Rose?  The most exciting part of the school year for me is that still working only three days a week makes this "the year of Katy!"  I am SUPER excited.  And, two days is perfect... one in case there are errands to be run and one for JUST FUN!  And, yes, we've already been shopping! ;)  It is strange just having one little friend at home!!  But I am going to enjoy this part-time business for as long as it lasts because I know each year, at this point, I continue part-time is a blessing... And, yes, it is fun and games now, but when I hit 60 and am still working, not qualified for full retirement (these part-time years don't count!), I'm hoping I'm nostalgic enough about my kids all grown that I treasure this time that I have been blessed to have with them as much as I do now and that I'm not old, tired, and cranky!  LOL.

That should do it for now!!  I hope to get the pumpkin patch blog done before the end of the month, but John is on his way home and I'd like to enjoy some QT with him!! :)

Patrick telling Ryan to behave himself!
<3 Kimberly (John, Patrick, Ryan, & Katy)
The Time Machine
Brotherly love... nothin' like it!

Time Machine, Complete

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