Life is sooooooooooooo busy as a working momma of THREE kids... but, life is also full of so many "little" things...you know, those simple pleasures that really bring so much joy... I'm mostly thinking of the dopey things that my kids say and do that make me laugh... but also the little adventures we have or the day trips that we do... you think you will remember them all, but those memories really do fade over time. I am hoping to sit down once a month (ideally, once a week, but being that I hardly manage one decent shower a week, we'll aim for once a month for now! LOL) to detail those quotable quotes or beautiful little actions (or those not so much) as well as our family activities. I hope you enjoy!! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Play Baaaaaaaallllllll!!

"Take me out to the ballgame... Take me out with the crowd... Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack... I don't care if I ever get back... It's root, root, root for the home team, if they don't win it's a shame... Cuz it's ONE, TWO, THREE strikes you're out at the old ball game!!" :)
The sweetest cheerleader, no?!

Dom and Ryan Warming Up! ;)
The boys know ALL about baseball and are being groomed as Yankees fans for sure (if that was not an innate quality, that is)!  Patrick, in particular, is really getting into baseball this season.  Of course, we're not quite sure if he is for REAL or if he is because games are often on at bedtime and he can usually sweet talk his way into watching an inning or two with daddy before bed (especially if the YANKEES are playing).  In any event, we signed both boys up for their first t-ball/baseball experience this spring!  Ryan was BESIDE himself with glee when he realized that HE was playing, TOOOOOO!  As we were putting them to bed the night before and going over what's on tap for the next day, as we do, we mentioned that they both were starting baseball in the morning.  Ryan downright SQUEALED (I truly wish I'd gotten it on video, who knew?!), "Me, too?!??!?" in the MOST adorable, beyond excited tone of pure, uninhibited joy... he lives and breathes to be just like his big brother and the fact that he'd be playing, and not just on the sidelines, was like a dream come true!

Mr. Funny Guy himself... all BIZ!
     I am including video of his very first at bat.  Ryan is our funny guy.  The sarcasm and quick wit he throws out at any given moment, frequently catching us off guard, are that of someone far older than 4!  He is silly, playful, pretty darn hyper, and ALWAYS talking (we have been teasing him lately about whether or not he has an "off" button which he gets a kick out of... although we're quite serious... lol).  One such moment that comes to mind was this past fall when we were headed out to Patrick's soccer game.  We had just turned off our block when I asked John if he'd brought the chairs.  John frowned (well, more than frowned, but let's keep this a PG-rated blog!), and turned the car around.  All of a sudden, we hear this voice from the back call out sarcastically, "Gee!  That was a great game, wasn't it?!?"  I mean, you can't make this stuff up... In any event, I digress... As Ryan walked on that field his first day, we didn't even recognize him!  He was all BIZ!  He had his shoulders proudly back, head up, and, although the batting helmet nearly swallowed his head (not sure why because it is a 98th percentile head... believe me, I know!), he walked right up to that plate, focused and determined to hit that ball.  And, ever since that first day, he wants to play!  He is excited to go to the local field with John and Patrick and practice.  In fact, he takes John's hints and tips far more seriously than Patrick (in P's defense, he has never been one to be TAUGHT or SHOWED something... he much prefers to WATCH it done and then privately try it out on his own, until he masters it... not one to want help from others or to allow others to see him struggle!).  It is soooooooooo great to watch him in his little element and see that he is a budding little athlete.  It is such a different side of him and we look forward to watching him grow as one!!
The Yankees Embrace a Needed Player!
Ryan Tries Coach Pitch!

The biggest moment, by far, this season (so far!) is when Patrick's coach-pitch team was seriously short players.  John, who is co-coaching (with the rest of the dad's... long story, but not worth the blog space!), looked to Ryan to see if he wanted to join the team.  He did not even hesitate or bat an eyelash!  He got right out there with the big boys and showed no fear when it was his first at-bat.  He made contact with the ball pretty painlessly and hustled his little self to first base before cracking a smile for the camera!

Patrick Gets His Run On!
Daddy is nominated as pitcher!
Patrick is enjoying the season, too.  He LOVES to be a part of a team-- especially one that has his BFF Maddox on it!  We are quite proud of him, too!  Most notably how he is starting his very first baseball experience on the coach-pitch level, rather than with tee ball.  As such, he has needed some extra batting practice, but seems to REALLY enjoy the extra time and attention with daddy.  He has become QUITE aware recently that boys and girls are different... as such, the one who we thought was a "mamma's boy" has now cast mommy aside in favor of his daddy.  It is really sweet to see and John is excited as he really is no longer a little guy, but truly is a kid!

   The boys have gone down to UVA with grandpa (and grandma) to see the Cavaliers play ball in John Grisham's stadium.  They have also gone with John to see our local minor league team play ball-- getting the opportunity to run the bases.  It's pretty exciting to enter this next phase in our lives (remind me that 10 years from now... even 5, I'm sure we'll be over it... lol)!!  We can't wait for our little Rose's turn.  We've been checking out the pink bats and balls of the other girls out there-- have even noticed that they make batting helmets with a little hole in the back for a pony tail... seriously?!  How times have changed since I've played!  For now, the little sweet thing has endured 2 hour long mornings on Saturdays on the ball field.  She loves to be outside, though, and give her some uneven ground and she will happily walk back and forth over it, trying to master the action of stepping up and down! :)  
When will it be MY turn?!

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Lennox Family Gets "Mir"-a-fied

See!  As luck would have it, I have a reason to write two times in one week... making up for missing last month by doing two in the month of May (maybe even three if I get around to documenting baseball or Ryan's upcoming Preschool Graduation)!  This one is going to be short and sweet!

This year I was giving the daunting task of overseeing the design of our school's yearbook.  I worked very closely with another parent who is known all over school as being a BRILLIANT photographer.  One look at just ONE picture that he's done is enough to convince you!  Photography is not his full-time job, but his passion.

In any event, we had the opportunity two weeks ago to have him do a photoshoot with our family.  The boys had a blast, but the little Rose was a stinker.  She TOTALLY is NOT in any way, shape or form in the "sit for a picture" phase (or even, really, just "stop" for a second for a picture)... that girl wants to MOOOOOOOOOOVE.  In any event, while getting a WHOLE family shot or even just a shot of the three kids was nearly impossible, there are lots of cute pictures I'd like to share.  Just click on the link below...



Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four Boys and a Little Rose

Four Boys and a Rose at the Zoo
     Oh, noooooooooooo!!  All of April has gone by without a post!!  Tsk, tsk... I will have to make up for it over the summer!!  In my defense, work was CRAZY in April... I had three of my most important jobs with deadlines in the same week!!  Yearbook was due, VGLA binders (don't ask if you don't already know, is actually WORSE than yearbook!) due, and our major spring screening for gifted (this year we had THIRTY cases with a per case hour amount that would make your head spin)...so, I SWEAR missing my goal was justified... for real!! ;)  And, I'm already paying penance... BOTH of my kids mentioned mommy working in their Mother's Day tributes to me and, while I'd like to think they mean all the hard work I do here at home each and everyday caring for them, I know they felt the crunch I was under and they don't even know that I neglected the blog, too... the horrors if they should find out!  In any event, I did learn the hard way that no one really appreciates your hard work except those closest to you, so my priorities are swiftly back in line!!! ;)
Four Boys and a Rose Hunt for Easter Eggs
     This month, I feel like I should dedicate an entry to Patrick's first, real friend who, as it should happen, also has a brother Ryan's age.  Could it not be more perfect?  Maddox and Dominic have become a fixture in our lives as the four boys get along SOOOOOO well and really enjoy spending time together!
     Patrick and Maddox met each other last year in Kindergarten.  They were both in Mrs. Grayson's class and became fast friends!!  And, although last school year was a BUSY one for me, it was the birth of the little rose that allowed me to see Patrick and Maddox together and meet Maddox's mom (and Dominic!) while I was out on maternity leave and picking Patrick up daily.  Ryan and Dominic hit it off, too, as Dominic is very quiet and reserved (upon first meeting) and Ryan just needs someone to talk to! ;)  That, and outgoing Ryan was determined not to take "no" for an answer where shy Dominic was concerned!!  We had a great time over the summer... BOTH boys looked forward to playdates with the Gamble's as BOTH boys would have a friend (who they really enjoy hanging out with)... simple things like going to the library, meeting at the park... didn't really require much as long as the boys had the promise of a playdate! 
Ryan and Dominic
Patrick and Maddox
     Although Patrick now goes to "Mommy's School" and no longer sees Maddox on a daily basis, the boys still  enjoy the promise of some time together.  A simple way to keep in touch has been to sign the boys up for the same sports teams!  Patrick and Maddox played soccer together in the fall.  And, although we signed them up late, Maddox's dad rose to the coaching occasion and the boys got to play! :)  And, thanks to Ms. Andrea keeping me on my toes, we were able to sign all the boys up for baseball together this spring, in a timely fashion... the two older boys playing coach-pitch (where John seems to, although by default, be that coach pitching) while the two younger ones are having their first tee-ball experience!
Two sweet peanuts
Yes, they are the same age!
       Thanks to brave Andrea and Brian, the boys had their very first non-family sleep over this winter!!    And, at this point, the boys are so comfortable with each other and we're so comfortable with them!  We've now discovered a new twist to the sleepover that makes it less daunting (especially for Andrea now that Brian is deployed!), but equally exciting... switching a kid... sleepovers where one has the younger two and one has the older two.  The boys LOVE it and it is actually quite peaceful, too, as you take out the sibling dynamic (and, let's face it, FOUR boys under one roof is a recipe for madness... and, yes, we intend to reciprocate... just have to find that "right" time... yeah, the "right" time...lol) and add in two kids who really do get along so well!
King of the Playground
Too Cool
     We are looking forward to the summer break and hope for lots of summer fun and sleepovers!  We got a taste of that over Spring Break where we managed to get in lots of play time, including a trip to the zoo.  And, the pictures in this entry are all from our Spring Break time together (so, technically speaking, I am WRITING about April... that counts for April, right?  Right?  RIGHT?  Can you sense the mommy guilt??)... tee, hee. 
A taste of the summer to come?
     In any event, while it all sounds so perfect, I'm sad to say that all good things must come to an end... the Gambles are military and will be moving on next summer... we will be soooooooooooo sad to see them leave! :(  But, as someone who once was the military child moving out of this area, I DID return and am actually raising my family here just a mile from the house where I lived all those years ago (and still running into people from long ago, too!)... so, we will keep our fingers crossed that they eventually end up back here (yes, Andrea, I know, I know, Northern VA is no Montana or IL)!  And, as a military brat I have learned for myself that friends are friends, no matter the location... and, if the little rose ever needs a prom date, we'll just fly Dominic in from whereever since he's scared of her and we know he will behave himself! :) :) :)  In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy having them just a hop, skip, and a jump away and look forward to fun times yet to be had!