Life is sooooooooooooo busy as a working momma of THREE kids... but, life is also full of so many "little" things...you know, those simple pleasures that really bring so much joy... I'm mostly thinking of the dopey things that my kids say and do that make me laugh... but also the little adventures we have or the day trips that we do... you think you will remember them all, but those memories really do fade over time. I am hoping to sit down once a month (ideally, once a week, but being that I hardly manage one decent shower a week, we'll aim for once a month for now! LOL) to detail those quotable quotes or beautiful little actions (or those not so much) as well as our family activities. I hope you enjoy!! :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Life Is Passing Us By...

     The title of this post just sums up life as you know it once you have kids!!  As the end of March rapidly approaches (it's Uncle John's birthday today!), I realized I still haven't posted for this month.  And, technically speaking, it has been more than a month since my last post... I have to get on it!!  I have been thinking about the subject of my next post... sooooooo many things have happened in the last month... what to pick?  Then I realized, just picking one milestone for each would be fun.  And, the fact that we have hit so many BIG ones in such a short amount of time, boggles the mind!!  Life truly is passing us by!!!  Enjoy the read! :)
     First up is that little Rose!  Her big milestone??!  She is walking!!!!  Actually, now that March is almost over, she is practically running.  The best part is watching her chase her brothers (particularly Ryan) and hearing her squeal in delight.  In fact, we stopped by my parents' house the other day.  They were gone, but we stayed to visit with Great Grandpa.  I stayed longer than planned simply enjoying watching Great Grandpa watch the little game between Ryan and Katy!!  Those are memories that will always bring a smile to my face!!
     In this video clip, the one I picked to share, you can see our big girl!  As if the piggy tails weren't enough... we had to immortalize her journey into toddlerhood.  For the longest time, the sweet little thing, even though she could walk on her feet, chose to do this strange knee-walk, best understood through seeing her in action.  It hurt us to watch, but she spent the better half of February "walking" like that (probably because she was steadier AND quicker that way and, let's face it, with two big brothers that girl has to MOOOOOOOOVE quickly)! LOL
   Next up?  My little Ry-Guy!  This dude will FOREVER crack me up.  He is SUCH a precocious little fellow!!  He desperately wants to do anything and everything to keep up with Patrick... no matter what we do to try to highlight his strengths and individualities, he puts a tremendous amount of pressure on himself to keep up with his big brother.  His current quest?  To learn how to read!  I, of course with former 1st grade teacher blood churning in my veins, couldn't BE more excited.  We are taking it slow and steady, but he is soaking everything up!  Check out one of the books that we have "written" together.

     Now, don't let his stumbling fool you.  It took about 60,000 takes to get this clip.  The little stinker is playful 24/7 and trying to get him to be serious (even under the guise of sending the clip to "NY" Grandma and Grandpa to share what his is up to!), especially when there is a camera around, is probably much like trying to nail jello to the wall.  In any event, he LOVED watching himself back (and, yes, that is why we are making a "series" of Ryan books, slowly building his site word vocabulary as he gets ready for Kindergarten in THE way that is PERFECT for him... focusing on HIM) and was a giggly little thing, eagerly awaiting his next "blunder" to roll on the bed laughing.  I pray for the teachers whose classrooms he will enter (although, truth be told, he reportedly knows that line in the classroom... we do find that so hard to believe, but are happy to hear it!).
     And then there is Mr. Peep-a-rooni... where to start?! First, of course, it seems that he is losing teeth left and right. At the rate he is going, he's going to have no teeth left!! But, his BIGGEST milestone was his recent performance in his 1st Grade Program. He has been working up to one of the major parts-- Honest Abe. He was sooooooo excited to have been chosen for the part and eagerly got to work on learning his monologue. And then, once Ms. McCullor gave a prize to the first kid who learned his lines, Patrick came home and finished memorizing his part on his own (he LOVES prizes!). Leading up to the night, John and I, honestly, didn't know what to expect. Of course we thought he'd be nervous... that's pretty standard, right? He'd likely have those butterflies and even if he managed to recall his memorized part, the nerves are quite likely to shine through... he is "just" seven, after all (although he told me the other day, "You know, mom," that's right, not MOMMY, "I'm almost eight you know."... right kid, in 11 months and 12 days, give me a break)... I digress... In any event, we got him off the bus, fed, dressed, and headed back to school without him showing even the slightest hint of being nervous... Here is a clip from his big Off-Broadway Debut...

     What do you think?? We were BLOWN AWAY... speechless, in fact! He completely ROCKED it! Our little man, who is such an introverted guy, STUNNED us! And, though he shyly basked in the glow of everyone complimenting him afterwards, he looked at us like we were NUTS for thinking that he would have been nervous in any way, shape, or form... could he be a budding little actor?? A performer in the maker? He does have such creativity... the sky just might be the limit!!
      This is just a sprinkling of our past month-- I didn't even get to Patrick's big birthday party (the one that, when deciding whether or not to finally bite the bullet and have it outside the house, John determined he'd pay ANY amount to do it anywhere but HERE!)...turning 7 is a milestone. And, young Ryan, who has been receiving speech services since 2, graduated with flying colors and REMARKABLE expressive language scores (the off the chart type... not really TOO surprising if you spend 5 minutes with him... lol). And, of course, at age 1, a month is a HUGE amount of time for the little Rose... next time you stop by, see her waddling by the front door, waving, and calling out, "Bye! Bye!" in her precious voice!! I'm telling you what... it is worth the chaos to watch these lovely things find their way in the world...