Life is sooooooooooooo busy as a working momma of THREE kids... but, life is also full of so many "little" things...you know, those simple pleasures that really bring so much joy... I'm mostly thinking of the dopey things that my kids say and do that make me laugh... but also the little adventures we have or the day trips that we do... you think you will remember them all, but those memories really do fade over time. I am hoping to sit down once a month (ideally, once a week, but being that I hardly manage one decent shower a week, we'll aim for once a month for now! LOL) to detail those quotable quotes or beautiful little actions (or those not so much) as well as our family activities. I hope you enjoy!! :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Surprise Trip

On the morning of December 31, 2011, we woke the boys up at the ungodly hour of 4:30a.m. with big news... we were going to New York to visit "New York" grandma and grandpa!  Boy were they excited!!
I have never seen two little boys jump out of bed so fast as they did with that kind of news (well, Ryan did anyway, Patrick is our little caterpillar who loves his cocoon)!!  They headed straight to the car and then we awoke the little rose who had no meaning attached to the news, but was chirping anyway (it is amazing how cheerful she is to be woken up when it is still dark... she started "talking" happily and was game, too)!  When we arrived at New York, the boys were QUITE excited to see the unexpected... there were piles of gifts under NY Grandma and Grandpa's tree-- just for them (and the little rose, too).  We spent a nice bit of time opening gifts, before eating Dunkin Donuts (which seems to have become it's own tradition when we visit NY or NY grandma and grandpa come down here... DDs are always in hand!) for round one of breakfast.  I say round one because you can't go to NY and JUST eat a donut that you can get HERE for breakfast... you have to have a NY bagel... it is an unspoken rule... and anyone who has ever had one knows that there really is no substitute for the NY bagel!!

We spent our fair share of time, too, giving gifts!  It is nice to see the boys get so excited to give a gift and we are working on the art of giving without the expectation of receiving (a tough concept for little ones, no?)...     The big Patrick gift this year was a piece of art he had created himself at school... a very patriotic Statue of Liberty that could be made into all sorts of gifts.  Grandma was excited to get her own ceramic ornament done by one of her favorite little elves!!

The boys enjoyed giving the standard calendar (well, maybe not standard... a calendar full of pictures of the year-in-review of the two boys and a little rose is anything but standard!) to NY GREAT Grandpa and Grandma although I suspect that they simply would have been happy with the simple gift of love from the little rose, but  
by the time the greats came to visit, she was quite tuckered by all of the excitement of the day, naps in the pack n' play, and all the time spent in the car.  Her usually charming demeanor had disintegrated into shy little girl who wanted no part of being "loved" by anyone and just wanted her bed...

The rest of our trip was spent quietly catching up (most notably with "Great" Aunt Carol and, of course, Uncle Matt!), playing with our new toys (please note the bumblebee costume made the trip and was pretty much all Ryan wore throughout the weekend!!!), and eating too much (besides those bagels, NY is known for their deli meats and, DUH!, their pizza!).  We all thought that it was a great way to end our long break and we came back ready to face the world of structure and routine and business as usual!! :)  Next stop??!  The little Rose turns one!!

Grandpa shows the two boys how to play the Wii.
Uncle Matt is prepared, standing by with his helmet!
The little rose's face says it all! ;)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas is SUCH an exciting time of year... compound that by a million when you have a couple of kiddos who are at just the right age!!!  This year we continued a couple of traditions we'd already started-- most notably, we make cut-out cookies for just about EVERY holiday... I mean, what is more fun in a kid's eyes than rolling dough, using cookie cutters, and being covered from head to toe in frosting and sprinkles???!    Not much, I assure you!!  We usually set up their own table since it's just the right size for them!! :)

So what do we do with all those cookies??!  Well, mommy eats most of them (so it seems, sugar cookies are my nemesis!)... and then, of course, we leave some for Santa.  This year, Patrick was HIGHLY motivated to WRITE (a skill he is getting pretty good at, but has not much of an interest in) since he wanted to make sure Santa knew just what to pull out of his bag when he reached the Lennox house!!  Ryan and his class had luckily made some reindeer food, so we were able to leave some sustenance for them, too! ;)

Our tree was kind of awkwardly placed this year since we couldn't put it in it's regular place (a silly thing to say since this is only our second Christmas in the house) since our little rose's toys are now occupying the corner where we had put the tree the year before and we didn't want the ornaments to become her new favorite toy (which they did anyway... the ornaments and the train)!!  But Santa was still able to make sure he put the toys the boys REALLY wanted to see in the space they'd see as soon as they rounded the bend!

How did Katy Rose enjoy her first Christmas?!?  She wasn't entirely too impressed and really didn't get into opening presents until a little later in the week when we celebrated again with Aunt Ali and Uncle Bryan and their crew (which was great practice for her birthday, which was around the corner).  As quite typical, she was far more interested in playing with (or eating!) the paper than she was unwrapping presents or playing with her new toys!!  Presents for the little Rose revolved around one theme:  anything GIRLIE!!!!  Being the third child, she already has far more toys than she knows what to do with, but, really, is there anything more exciting than purses and strollers and dollies??! ;)

Presents for Ryan revolved around the theme of "things to keep me busy"... Ryan is such an active boy and enjoys doing projects and activities.  He got right to work on his "Dr. Drill and Fill" playdoh kit and was highly amused by the teeth imprints and the working drill!!  And, he was sooooooooo excited to get the BIG bat mobile and spent 75% of the holiday wearing his Bumblebee costume (complete with realistic muscles)!

Patrick, Mr. Angry Bird (not really) himself, also enjoyed his costume, but didn't wear it nearly as much as Ryan, who lived (and still does!) in his!  But, he THOROUGHLY enjoyed his Lego-themed Christmas and got right to work building the Lego space shuttle that he has ALWAYS wanted (well, at least since Octoberish)!

We had a nice, quiet morning and then had a fun time spending the afternoon with "regular" grandma and grandpa, great grandpa, and Uncle John showing them all of the great things that Santa gave us!  The little Rose taught grandpa what happens if he does not pay attention to her while he's eating... she tried her first pig-in-a-blanket, "testing" it for grandpa to make sure it was good enough for him! ;) 

The boys enjoyed getting mini-helicopters from Uncle Chris-- helicopters just like the one he flies.  Poor Uncle Chris spent Christmas in the middle of the ocean, just having recently deployed.  But, grandpa and Uncle John set to work to help the boys with learning how to fly like Uncle Chris... Uncle John turning out to be the better teacher... hands down! ;)

The Little Rose watched her two little brothers from the comforts of inside, hanging with grandma instead (in one of her 1,621 Christmas outfits... actually, the wardrobe change was due to grandma leaving a glass of water within her reach, I swear). 
All in all, it seems that the two boys and the little rose had a great first Christmas together!!  Patrick shopped for the BIG bat mobile that he gave to Ryan.  Ryan gave Patrick his own PERRY (from Phineas and Ferb)... the boys enjoyed giving gifts to each other (although Patrick was hoping that Santa would still bring Ryan a BIG bat mobile, because then they'd have TWO!).  We know that it will just get even better from here as all of the kids are older and can better understand the art of giving and receiving!! :)  Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Visit from and a Visit TO Santa!

Every year santa comes to visit our neighborhood, riding through the streets in a fire engine, throwing candy to good little boys and girls.  This year, two boys were all the more excited as santa is REAL to them (the rose was fairly unimpressed and was down for her morning nap).  Lucky for us, Santa's route includes driving RIGHT PASSED our house... does it get better than that??  The boys were soooooo excited and couldn't wait to see him!!

Mommy wore her traditional santa hat for the occasion while the boys wore the new addition to our festive gear... singing elf hats!!  Could it be more fun??!  It was a fairly seasonable morning and the boys could hardly contain their excitement!!

Daddy, on the other hand, who has been battling leaves all fall, figured time just sitting and waiting for santa was surely time that was wasted!!  He wanted to be sure that santa knew he had been a good daddy this year--keeping things neat and tidy at the Lennox house.  As such, instead of a hat, daddy doned a rake and set right to work! :)

The suspense was KILLING these two fellows!!  We could hear Santa's fire engine for QUITE some time before he came down our block.  The boys would occasionally stop what they were doing and run to look, sure that THIS was the time they'd catch the glimpse of the truck turning down our block!!

FINALLY, the moment arrived!!!  Santa came and even young Rye-na-reeno, who is petrified still of Santa, welcomed him (probably because Santa was IN the truck, the truck was MOVING, and Santa was busily throwing CANDY, a Rye-favorite, out his window)!!

The boys found out that the elf hats served a dual purpose... they were a great way to transport the candy (Santa was, of course, generous) from the curb to our house.  They worked together, vowing to share the candy, and counted their haul!!  They had a great day and we are all hopeful, especially Rye-guy (who seemed bummed she missed it), that the little Rose will join the two boys in this tradition next year!! :)

Next up on the Lennox holiday "To Do" list was to visit the big man himself in the mall!!  The most exciting part for John and I, of course, was that it was the little Rose's first time seeing the big man... how would she react??  Little Rye-guy was sweating the visit, but was confident that big-brother Peep-a-rooni would let santa know, on his behalf, that he really wanted a BIG batmobile for Christmas as well as a Bumblebee (the transformer) costume!! :)

In the car, though, Rye-guy stated that he would actually SIT on Santa's lap, not just stand there as per usual.  He nearly lost his nerve, though, for the whole adventure when we were standing in line and he touched the rope, knocking it down, and grandma reminded him that Santa was watching... that was a little too close for comfort for him!  Luckily, though, the line was long enough and a nice scooby snack calmed him back down so he was ready to go when it was our turn (WOW!  It sounds like such a calm moment while reading it back... I assure you, though, real time of trying to peel Rye-guy off the wall was one of those not-so-perfect family moments!)!!

So, how did the little Rose react to the big man in the red suit??!  A picture says a thousand words, no?  Although she kept looking at him QUITE suspiciously, she didn't CRY!! :)  The whole time the boys were talking to Santa (and the mall people, who were eager to rush the occasion and move us along, tried to snap a quick picture), she kept looking back to check out this strange looking fellow upon whose lap mommy had thoughtlessly and inconsiderately dumped her!!

In the end, though, they all had QUITE a nice time with Santa!!  Mr. Peeps told Santa that he was really hoping for an angry bird (bad mommy, letting him play a mindless game!), an Optimus Prime costume (so he and Bumblebee can play together!), and a lego space shuttle-- just like in his book (better than the angry bird, no?) and Ryan spoke to santa himself to assure that the BIG batmobile (he had hand motions to reiterate the BIG) and the Bumblebee costume would be under the tree.  The two boys spoke for the little Rose, asking Santa to bring her a dolly (I guess they figure that's what every girl needs). 

Stay tuned for more adventures!!  I'm so excited to actually have a POST on the blog!!!! :) :)  And, being that playoff football continues, I might just get another post done before next month!!